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· We focus on developing low-cost broadcast solutions for live streaming on YouTube, Facebook live, Twitter, and other social media servers. 

· Cutting-edge product with a budget cost, our customers will be able to DIY broadcast a sports event, gaming live, wedding ceremony or adventure exploring live streaming to share the live video with your friends, family, and the world.



Public event, Wedding Ceremony, Private meeting , Gaming live streaming applications




 Adventure exploring live streaming applications

There are many approaches to do establishing a live stream broadcasting.  The methods can be classified into the followings


Approach 3 would be the preferred method for most of the people to implement a low-cost budget live stream broadcasting system with professional presentations to audience.   In this web site, we will provide the necessary information for you to discover a proper and affordable live stream system / solution matching your own requirements.  




1.  Pay a media broadcasting company to help you

2.  Buy state-of-the-art equipment and set up the system yourself

3. Budget your spending to buy essential equipment and set up the system yourself

4.  You keep sticking in front of the built-in camera on a laptop or a smartphone

Cost Spending


Medium to High

Medium to Low


Professional look

to your audience




None Professional


Encoder / Decoder Product List

Gaming Live Streaming

Portable Live Streaming


1. Live Streaming Method 1

2. Live Streaming Method 2

3. Live Streaming Method 3

4. Live Streaming Method 4

5. Comprehensive Method

Broadcaster Cards



Fiber Optics Transceivers

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